Renovating is living… And after reading this, there’s no excuse not to do it!


Imagine for a second how relaxation would come naturally at seeing your home completely redone, with much more space, new colors on the walls, a great kitchen to enjoy cooking and maybe a new bathtub to take a relaxing bath after work with no worries. Absolutely nice, ain’t it? Well, with your savings you can get a limo service Naperville and have your husband take you around town 🙂 (Just sayin’)


Well, renovating is living, and you can not deny that the energy with which you think, feel and contemplate a place after a renovation, makes you feel more alive, It makes us feel newer ourselves. This is the main reason to begin revamping home, but in addition to this advantage, there are many others involved not only in our emotional well-being but economical too. (You loved this last sentence, didn’t you?)


Well, let me give you a short introduction to the dream that can be a reality!


In the past, an owner could buy a new home for less money than what he had could spent on remodeling the existing one, but currently it is the opposite. The reason? An increasing number of homeowners are planning remodeling projects around the house to make their living spaces more habitable.


If you are considering to add more space to your house, or make it more environmentally friendly and energy efficient, here’s why it’s a good time to invest in a home remodeling.


  1. Reduce costs of home remodeling. You can get more for your money by investing in a home remodeling. Since the new construction, remodeling rooms, a new kitchen, etc., is being awaited by many homeowners, home remodeling offers are more competitive. Industry experts say that home remodeling costs decreased by 20-30% in the past years.


  1. Reduce costs on energy bills. Many homeowners have struggled to reduce the cost of heating and cooling their homes because of the rising of energy costs in the last years.

At the same time, there have been new innovations in the design of energy-efficient homes. Let’s take advantage of these new technologies and the benefits they represent for remodeling your entire house, and you’ll see how costs associated with household expenses will decrease.


  1. Taxes. Many homeowners do not take into account that a renovation of the entire house will increase the value of their home, and, also, increase their property taxes, so keep in mind that, however, home values remain low at this time, so facing the fact of remodeling your entire house, it is unlikely that it will drastically affect your property taxes – at least not until the market recovers.


  1. The remodeling market. Although the current market conditions are ideal for home remodeling, the construction industry will recover eventually. The cost that a home renovation would represent is much more accessible than it used to be before so budgets of homeowners are loosening… There is no reason to delay remodeling your entire house!


  1. Sales will be easier when the tide goes down. When the housing market finally improves, you will be able to take advantage of it, increasing the value of your home. Think that if you wait more than what you should to do a remodeling of the entire house, you can get caught without the adequate preparation if the market moves.

You can also find that home designers are overworked and unable to complete the project within the timeline and, in addition, buyers could assume that remodeling was made just for a quick sale, not a whole house remodel made years ago that would be the perfect reflection of the actual care of it.


Remodeling has always been one of the most common dreams of homeowners, and I know you’re not the exception. So it’s time to dust off your home remodeling plans and start designing your dream home!



Re-fall in love with your house before entering it

The facade of your home creates the first impression your guests will have of it, or, if you have the house for sale, your potential buyers one too. So it’s very important that you have your house in excellent condition.


The house’s very “loaded with ornaments” are now unnecessary and “passé.” Nowadays, modern houses are characterized by a “clean” design of simple lines. We could even consider them as minimally styled, using a tendency in which less is more.


Thinking about and wishing to see your house as completely renovated, I will write some ways in which you could give a very special change to it. So here we go:


Change the front door of the house

The door is the first thing people will look and even touch. The strong and vivid colors in brightness are quite popular today. In the case you opt for a more conservative look, black is always a safe bet. Also white, but gets dirty easier. For a more contemporary look, use dull and matte colors.

Look for the chance to have a great outdoor lighting

The placement your home gives is noted before entering, so try to place a spotlight on each side of the door of the main entrance to give symmetry. Just in case you have an entry with porch, you can also put a lantern (It is a very elegant detail). And if you get to the house through a garden, try to illuminate it slightly. Maybe you can hide lights in trees or conceal them in the garden path (this gives a hint quite cozy, and it can also be romantic! In case you want to surprise your partner!). You can buy solar garden lights in DIY stores ideal for illuminating a path.



Old houses are characterized by small windows; the openings occupy only the space that is just required to enter the light. Now modern houses illuminate the interior with large windows or glass curtain walls, this can even help to save energy, since you’re using the natural light at home!… that’s why the use of glass blocks has spread a lot to be used not only in bathrooms but also in kitchens and living rooms.

For these reasons if you want to remodel your house and make it modern do not forget to enlarge the openings and place an appropriate glass.

Add a little green.


You  don’t really need a big garden to plant a vine, and it’s something that fit absolutely nice in walls (although it is important you to consult an expert as some vines are not good for bricks). Planters full of colorful plants and hedges highlight the front of a house.

In smaller spaces, such as on each side of the front door, placing pots is a good idea to give a little more life to your home.


And finally, a look that will seem curious to you, since maybe had not gone through your mind when thinking of remodeling, but cleaning the front of the house will leave you surprised to see how big the change is. Let’s paint it again, go over the joints between the bricks or plaster the ugly bricks. If your decision is to paint again, beware the paint color should be more sensitive than in the front door and according to the age and style of the house.

So, as you can see, there are many ways to get an awesome outdoor renovation that can make you feel like living in a new house.

Anyway, my purpose is that all tips I write to remodel your house to make it a modern home must aim you feel very comfortable to live in it.

So get on with it! … It’s time to be the envy of neighbors!


Taste the satisfaction of seeing your kitchen awesome by making the right decision

Why should you renovate your kitchen?

Redesigning a space of home can be fun for some people, stressful for others and in some cases, depending on the personality, may be considered somewhat challenging. However, they often begin the same way: with a justification. Here are several arguments that can tell it’s time to remodel your kitchen:

  1. “I am not the same person a few years ago.” Maybe when you moved were not entirely clear about the style you wanted to give to your space and now you’ve better defined it. Your tendency may be futuristic, minimalist, vintage, rustic or classical; what you must focus on when designing your new kitchen is to give good lighting and ventilation, two keys when cooking and tasting food.
  2. “The artifacts are already somewhat obsolete”. You want more innovative electrical appliances and although investment may be important, you know that this will save energy. Please note before buying the size of them and the place available for them inside your kitchen.
  3. “The family has grown.” Maybe now your children or your partner have discovered their culinary passion and to share this space is required now. Some experts recommend that a work corridor in the kitchen should be more than one meter long if there are more than two cooks.
  4. “I want to integrate the dining room and the kitchen.” If you want to maintain an only environment, you should try with closed shelves where to place the cookware and that this pass as unnoticed as possible. The color and style of furniture should be consistent so that harmony can be perceived in space.

If none of these reasons has gone through your head or does not intend to deep remodeling, consider to provide a fondness occasionally to your kitchen. This space has the distinction of becoming the focus of the best meetings with friends or family, it is like the heart of the home, so you have to take care of it as such.

But if on the contrary, you can’t wait to see your kitchen renovated, you now face the challenge of creating a room that is at once comfortable, modern and functional.

So you have to know today what the kitchen design trends for 2016 are.

1 Kitchen of transition

While open kitchens have certainly gained popularity lately, some people are reluctant to knock down all the walls of the kitchen.

And the transition kitchens respond those needs and more. As the name suggests, transition kitchens mix functional space of a kitchen with a family room, easily allowing the flow from one area to another.


2 Cupboards in white or gray

According to trends, a lot of people have chosen white as the color of their kitchen cupboards. However, gray is fast rising in popularity, while some people opt for a more neutral look that can match the rest of the house.

3 Back to classic black and white

Although we see winds of change in the kitchens, there are some classics that will not go out of fashion, as the combination of black and white for the kitchen.

Kitchens in black and white tend to offset each other, and give the kitchen a clean, elegant and visually appealing design.


4 quartz countertops

The counter is one of the most used kitchen sites. And the most popular choice of material in 2016 will be quartz counter tops.

The fact of not being porous and heat resistant, make quartz countertops are resistant to spills and scratches.


5 Hardwood floors

The kitchen floors tend to get dirty a lot and easily, because the kitchen is often the first place to go to get home after a long day. Fortunately, the wood floors are extremely durable and easy to clean. Hardwood is more expensive than many other flooring options, but can be minimized by choosing a cheaper type of wood.


So it’s now time to make a choice! Let’s start dreaming of your new amazing kitchen!




DIY (Do it Yourself) or Hire a Pro?

Whether because your house renovation includes construction or simply because your walls need a new layer of paint, everyone needs to renovate their home occasionally. With respect to this, there are two different approaches: do it yourself or hire a professional to do it for you.


In both cases there are advantages and disadvantages, so you have to analyze the task to find out what suits you more. So, thinking of how you can more easily decide I thought some tips that may help.


The first thing to take into account is that to make a decision about this, you have to know the advantages and disadvantages of both options.

Doing the things yourself, without hiring the services of a professional or specialist can be an ideal way to save good money, increase our budget, and even organize better time to optimize it and achieve the expected results in less time. However, there are tasks that will be better in the hands of specialists, and others that are required by law or practice. Consider the pros and cons of hiring or doing it yourself.


Advantages of do it yourself

It is true that a degree is not required to perform various tasks of repair and maintenance at home, but it is essential that whoever carries out a project on its own needs to have at his disposal the necessary tools, time enough, and also a little ability.


With respect to the tools, it is not necessary to buy them by the first impulse. You can borrow them from a generous friend or relative, or even rent them on construction sites and specialty stores.

With respect to time, you have advantages. Renovation work on their own can be performed at any time, on your not working days or days off, or even on the weekend.


However the ability itself is a delicate point. You must know the matter you are addressing, and take all possible precautions. Try to have the assistance of a skilled friend, or learn the necessary concepts by taking courses and workshops or reading and researching on the Internet. But be careful, always check your actions, and make sure to check the connections (particularly gas and electricity) after any work.


The advantages of hiring a specialist

Although, as we said, to do the work ourselves allows us to save money, we also can bring some complications. Certain tasks require experience that only specialists have, particularly related to construction or masonry, plumbing connections, gas and electric.


Hire a specialist can take longer and carry a higher cost, but also has many advantages. For example, the work of the professional has years of knowledge and practice, and guarantee, so that the work not only is “well done”, but you can also claim for an unfavorable outcome, either to fix the problem, or to get a refund.


How to make your choice?

First you know that both options will lead you to have your house renovated, which is the goal we seek. So what you need to look at is, which option you feel most comfortable with. If you prefer to do things yourself and want to save more money, then you choose to acquire the tools and do it yourself.

If instead you want things to be easier and you have the resources for it, hire a company or someone to do the work for you. The important thing is that you feel comfortable with the people you choose to do the work.

Still, remember that both options are good enough to get your house renovated. At the end of the day what matters is that you will like the final finish of your house, that’s what is yours.

Well given steps make the dream of a new awesome space real!

Home Improvment

Perhaps your children have grown and in their adolescent stage don’t want to share their room anymore, it’s time to give them their privacy, but there are not enough rooms at home. Or maybe, you now have a new hobby for which you need a full place dedicated only to it,  then you need to open one more space at home. Surely you have not dedicated to add rooms to your home all your life, that is why I am here to give you some step-by-step tips you will find very useful.


As a first step, consider important  to stare at your house or apartment and analyze what space could lend itself for the new room, taking into account the light, ventilation and what use will you give to that space. If you definitely see you do not have the possibility of good light in the room, think of designing a good system of LED lights for excellent illumination, it’s usually economic and offers many possibilities of shapes as there are many options on the market, remember to choose watts according to the need of light you have.


To lift the walls, you can also find dense material  of great weight but with much stability too such as bricks and blocks which lying or arranged in rows of two (or singles) up a solid and very heavy structure that in the case of being installed on a raised floor could affect the general structure of the house, since it requires cement to give a smooth surface as a final result, in addition to several hands of paint coats since its surface is rough and doesn’t look as elegant as other materials without it.


As raw material you could choose one that provides elegance and practicality, that wouldn’t influence much on the weight of the structure and that could be easily handled, maybe a  versatile one that allows you to make some additional designs such as windows or shelves and, also, if you want to do a tasteful place, you can play with the lights of the room so that you can place multiple spaces illuminated in a single environment.


With regard to the floor we can see many types and different styles as Marble, granite, smooth or non-slip floors with assorted colors and shapes that you can even mix to create designs that suit the space you have, but if definitely softness and temperature of the place are what you prefer,  then you can find different kinds of  rugs with high variety of beautiful colors and shapes to suit all tastes.


And regarding the color,  according to your preference you can think of a decoration you like or, if you prefer, I suggest a color according to your moods and activities that will be carried out there.


I also suggest you to consider making use of natural lighting. It looks elegant and helps you save money a lot too. So big windows or glass doors would be really nice!


If we talk about decorating and furniture, today the trend is minimalism. It means to make everything very simple but correlated with each other with exquisite taste, prevailing basic colors like black, white, red and earthy colors. It looks absolutely nice! I swear.

And don’t you forget the trend that comes from long ago which is to mix the nature with the environments at home. It looks incredibly cool as it makes you feel like in little gardens inside your house or apartment without producing humidity but that gives the feeling of nature and thus relaxation “naturally” comes and results be very useful in these times when stress is ravaging us.


So… Get on with it!!!